VR Consulting

Let Luxsonic help you establish VR at your institution

Maximize potential with VR


  • Break free from traditional workflows
  • Improvement in engagement, learning outcomes and information retention
  • Use VR to address everyday problems and inefficiencies


  • Reap the benefits of VR in the health care sector with new training applications
  • Allow your team to work more quickly, safely and effectively
  • Solve real problems, travel less, and communicate your vision with impact


  • Free space of unwanted equipment
  • Improve efficiency by reducing space, time and cost
  • Find greater success with realistic hands on and observational learning

Explore the benefits of VR for health and medicine

How we can help

Seminars & workshops

We deliver workshops and seminars to learn how VR solutions can work for you. We can help your institution reach its full potential by improving engagement and creating the interactive solutions that are right for you.

Learn about:

  • Virtual reality fundamentals
  • How to use VR to create immersive experiences
  • The applications for VR in medicine
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Leadership consultations

Use VR to lead your team to success. We’re here to help! We can teach you how to utilize VR solutions to solve challenges within health care! Together, we can build solutions to fit your unique team needs!

We can help you:

  • Champion VR within your organization
  • Become a VR thought leader
  • Be part of the VR health care revolution
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If you are ready for VR, we’re ready to help you get there!

Our team can help you plan and establish the perfect VR progam for your organization. We have you covered in from innovation, implementation and optimization.

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