February 22, 2023

NCPDP Announces Robin Farmanfarmaian as Keynote Speaker for its 2023 Annual Technology & Business Conference, “The Great Race to Close Gaps in Care”

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Medical Tech Futurist, Robin Farmanfarmaian, Will Engage and Inspire Conference Goers in a Powerful Call to Action to Close Gaps in Healthcare. Take Advantage of Early Bird Rate When Registering by February 27th.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — NCPDP announced today Robin Farmanfarmaian, speaker, author, and tech entrepreneur, will give an important closing keynote address about the future of healthcare, technology, and patient empowerment at NCPDP’s 2023 Annual Technology & Business Conference, “The Great Race to Close Gaps in Care”, May 8-10, 2023, at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. NCPDP’s national annual conference draws more than 700 attendees from across the healthcare industry, including technical, business, and executive representatives from health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, retail and independent pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, long-term care providers, healthcare consultants, technology vendors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale drug distributors, database management organizations and others.

“As a patient who has a particularly difficult and unique story to tell, Robin Farmanfarmaian embodies what it means to take charge of one’s own health with sheer determination and force of will,” says Lee Ann Stember, President & CEO of NCPDP. “She offers an inspiring picture of the future of healthcare, one that empowers patients and explores new technologies to expand our knowledge and capabilities beyond what we ever thought possible. Her keynote address is sure to resonate with our conference attendees who are passionate about patient empowerment, and how technology and interoperability will shape and support innovations in healthcare and healthcare delivery to close gaps in care.”

Robin Farmanfarmaian, who lives, breathes, and works on the cutting edge of all things medical technology, has an incredible story to share. After overcoming years of suffering due to a misdiagnosed illness, undergoing dozens of painful and extreme treatments and surgeries culminating in the removal of her large intestine, and facing a permanent spinal morphine pump at 26 years old, Robin took her health into her own hands and fought to gain a corrected diagnosis. Overnight she saw a complete shift in her well-being and quality of life, a shift which launched her passion for improving patient care and healthcare delivery.

As an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Robin works with companies on ground-breaking healthcare technology, including more than 20 early-stage startups focused on state-of-the-art biotechnology and cutting-edge technology for pharmacy, medical devices, and digital health. She co-founded five startups, including the Organ Preservation Alliance, where she worked with the White House and Department of Defense (DoD) to fund scientists in cryopreservation and tissue engineering for organ transplants. Robin has worked on multiple early-stage pharmaceuticals, including small molecules found through AI for drug discovery on the p53 and AhR pathways, inhaled insulin, and a vaccine. Robin serves in an advisory role to Luxsonic, a radiology reading room in VR and Alacrity Care, which provides remote patient monitoring and data analytics for oncology.

As a professional speaker, Robin has inspired more than 180 audiences in 15 countries with her incredible journey of self-healing and is the author of four books, including, “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer” and her latest, “How AI Can Democratize Healthcare: The Rise in Digital Care” with Michael Ferro.

NCPDP’s 2023 Annual Technology & Business Conference is open to all healthcare industry stakeholders. To register for the conference visit https://ncpdp.org/ac/register.aspx. The Early Bird rate is available through February 27, 2023.

The complimentary media registration form can be downloaded here.

For real-time updates before and during the event, follow us at http://twitter.com/ncpdp or join the discussion using NCPDP’s 2023 Annual Technology & Business Conference hashtag: #NCPDP23.

Journalists: Click here to download a photo of Robin Farmanfarmaian.


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