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  • Is your medical organization ready to benefit from VR?
  • Our consulting services will help you determine what AR/VR technology is best for your institution.
  • Our team helps you plan and implement the perfect VR program for you.
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360° video production

  • Don’t know where to start with 360 video?
  • Luxsonic provides end-to-end VR video production services.
  • 360 video can help your institution improve medical education, training and patient care.

Software development

  • Are you ready to turn your ideas into virtual reality?
  • Luxsonic specializes in VR software development for medicine and health care.
  • Working with our team of experienced developers, your vision can become virtual reality.

Are you ready to benefit from VR in medicine?

Benefits of VR


VR helps to enhance medical education, by improving learning outcomes and knowledge retention. Luxsonic helps institutions and educators integrate VR into:

  • Courses and course supplements
  • Self-directed learning applications
  • Interactive teaching tools
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Trainees can become fully immersed in standardized training environments. Use of VR helps maximize training outcomes. It also helps to reduce operational costs and resources for:

  • Medical and veterinary competency evaluation
  • Facility and laboratory training and orientation
  • Surgical planning and preparation
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Health care

VR helps to revolutionize the delivery of health care and medicine. Integration of VR can help to improve the patient experience by:

  • Preparing patients for procedures
  • Reducing anxiety and pain
  • Helping care givers understand the patient perspective
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Luxsonic develops virtual reality software that’s used by some of the most innovative health care institutions. Our products help improve medical education, training, and health care delivery.


MedCast360 allows students to become fully engaged in virtual environments and scenarios.


SieVRt provides advanced medical imaging visualization tools in a convenient, low cost package.

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