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We are unapologetic do-gooders

About Us

Our goal is to develop immersive technologies that help people.

VR headset and tablet sitting on a wooden table

Our goal is to develop immersive technologies that help people.

Luxsonic was founded in 2014 by medical research scientists. Since then, we’ve grown into a dedicated team of health experts, content creators, software developers, and medical professionals.

What brings us together? We have a shared passion for innovation in healthcare.

This company was created with the idea that new technology should be used for the betterment of humankind.

We’re unapologetic do gooders!

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Saskatoon tech company uses virtual reality to advance healthcare

Saskatoon tech company Luxsonic is using virtual reality to advance medicine and healthcare. The technology is designed to help doctors, medical students, and patients become more familiar with hospital practices and the operating room.

People in scrubs standing in operating room

Bringing surgery to life through virtual reality

With the help of advanced technology, students from the Schools of Nursing and Health Sciences will now be able to get a close up look into an operating room, without ever having to leave the classroom.

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Luxsonic: Pioneers in Virtual Reality for Healthcare

Applied with the intent of bettering humanity, new technologies can be a dramatic force of positive change in our society. Luxsonic was founded by Dr. Mike Wesolowski, PhD, with this principle in mind.