Improve access to clinical training.

We are bridging the gap between rural and urban healthcare training by bringing collaborative virtual reality training resources to institutions, clinics and communities everywhere.

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Nurse in scrubs sitting with VR headset on, interacting with her hands.

Traditional clinical training is expensive to deploy, operate, and maintain.

Reduce costs and improve access using immersive technology that’s developed for:

  • NHigh-fidelity medical simulation
  • NHands-on interactive training
  • NCompetency evaluations
Two nurses sitting beside patient bed, indicating to tubing on patient's hand.
Nurses standing around patient bed with patient dummy, practicing chest compressions.

We develop training applications that improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Immersive hands-on training can be deployed anywhere at a fraction of the cost of a traditional simulation lab. Virtual training is more affordable and accessible than traditional clinical training and improves learning outcomes, knowledge retention and emotional connection to the content.

By conducting training in VR, medical professionals can enhance and acquire skills in a safe, convenient, and collaborative manner.

Safe and standardized

VR is ideal for developing skills required in environments that are remote, complex to reproduce, or involve a level of risk. Educational institutions can offer standardized, repeatable, and safe training opportunities to large groups.

Convenient and flexible

Creating immersive environments greatly improves access to training, especially for rural or remote communities. VR also significantly reduces deployment, operation, and maintenance costs with better personalization options and value-added modules.

Peer learning & teamwork

Collaborate and interact around 3D data in live-time with anyone in the world. Trainees can be supervised by an expert from across the globe or join a group at a distant university to learn a new approach.

We’re working with innovative healthcare institutions to improve clinical training.

Canadian Alliance of Medical Laboratory Professionals Regulators
Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists
Saskatchewan College of Paramedics
Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Canadian Space Agency