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Luxsonic Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP) is a full radiology reading room in a portable virtual reality headset.

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Radiologist wearing virtual reality headset, using controllers, and sitting in front of 2D radiology set-up.

Radiology is facing a crisis.

Radiology is a core part of modern healthcare—thousands of conditions, traumas, and diseases are diagnosed and monitored with medical imaging. But radiology is facing a crisis. The demand for radiology services is outpacing the supply of radiologists. This leaves billions around the world without access to healthcare.

At Luxsonic, we are dedicated to improving access to radiology services and creating better workflows with Luxsonic Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP), our virtual reality reading room.

Doctor pointing at monitor screen with medical images displayed.

Experience immersive medical images with our Virtual Imaging Platform.

Luxsonic VIP is a collaborative, portable, virtual reality workflow platform for remote radiology. It is transforming how radiologists work, interact, and learn. For the first time, residents can have access to a full featured reading room environment anywhere they go, for a fraction of the normal cost.

Access to workflow

With a portable device and a full set of features, radiologists can access their workflow from anywhere.

Lower cost

Significantly reduce the cost required to equip radiologists with the tools they need.

Better work/life balance

With a portable device, working from home and balancing life has never been easier.

Six medical imaging workflows integrated into a single unified immersive platform.

Luxsonic VIP’s Basic Viewer provides the essentials for your workflow.

A full featured modern viewer in a virtual reading room with three massive displays.

Image loading

Load DICOM from a local source or integrate with PACS.

Major DICOM formats

Works with all major DICOM formats (CR, DR, CT, MR, US, NM, PET, RF, CTA).

Non-DICOM images

Load non-DICOM images (JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG).


Apply Window/Level adjustments manually or with presets.


Text, Arrow, Freehand, Ellipse, Angle, and Length tools available for annotating.

Custom environment

Complete control over virtual environment and lighting to work comfortably.

Luxsonic VIP’s Medical education module brings radiology education to VR.

A large repository of teaching cases for self-directed or collaborative learning.

Library of cases

Access a library of 50,000 teaching cases for radiology education.

Full case info

Cases contain description, history, diagnosis, discussion and findings.

Find & make cases

Easily search the library and build case lists for self-directed learning.

Learn collaboratively

Work alone or with up to nine others in a real-time collaboration session.

Subspecialty cases

Thousands of subspecialty cases available.

Various sources

Use our case library or pull cases from your PACS.

Use the Collaboration module to read cases with your coworkers.

Share your reading room in real-time with a secure list of contacts.

Share your space

Share your virtual reading room with up to 9* colleagues at a time.

Avatars & voiceover

Avatars and voice over IP improve interaction and the feeling of being present with colleagues.

Real time

Private and encrypted real time communication.

Share control

Put your residents in the hot seat and have them drive the teaching lesson.

Familiar interaction

Interact with data just like you are in the physical reading room.

Use with modules

Use all other SieVRt modules collaboratively.

Render images in 3D for a more realistic visualization in Luxsonic VIP’s 3D Reconstruction module.

An integrated pipeline for 3D modelling and visualization.

Render in real time

Render 3D volumetric data directly from DICOM stacks in real-time.

Modelling tools

Modelling tools for poly-mesh and volumetric data in the same unified window.


Work collaboratively with colleagues to improve interprofessional care and procedure planning.

Annotate & manipulate

Image manipulation and annotation tools for volume rendered data.

Import poly-mesh

Import 3D poly-mesh data (obj, stl, fbx) from local sources.

Use with MLHub

Leverage our upcoming ML Hub to quickly segment and visualize 3D data.

Use Luxsonic VIP’s upcoming MLHub module to leverage machine learning.

End-to-end platform for machine learning research and clinical integration.

Unified pipeline

A unified pipeline from DICOM to data annotation to model training and clinical integration.

MLhub tools

Tools that speed up annotation and segmentation.

Cloud storage

Store data and process it quickly on our cloud server infrastructure powered by NVIDIA.

Library of models

Train your own models or use our library of existing models.

Modern integrations

Integrates with modern ML frameworks like PyTorch and Jupyter notebooks.

Segment & visualize

Quickly segment and visualize 3D regions of interest within the same unified workflow.

Review cases on-the-go with Luxsonic VIP’s Diagnostic workflow.

Take your reading room with you wherever you go.

PACS connection

Connect to your PACS and generate a modality worklist to your staff radiologists.

Hanging protocols

Hanging protocols customized and personalized for your institution.

Dictation capability

Dictation using stereo-microphones built into the headset.

Transcripts & reports

Realtime transcription and reporting using the latest cloud technology.

Globally collaborate

Collaborate and consult with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

Fully portable

Your full diagnostic workflow anywhere you go.

Luxsonic VIP is being used by some of the most innovative healthcare institutions in the world.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
Massachusetts General Hospital
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
University of South Florida
University of Saskatchewan
American College of Radiology
McMaster University
University of Arizona
NL Health Services

See what Luxsonic VIP users say about their experience!

Don’t just take our word for it: See what radiologists and other Luxsonic VIP users have to say about the platform and VR experience.


Overall user experience

Of our testers, 95% reported a positive overall user experience, indicating that Luxsonic VIP was pleasant to use and met their needs.


Ease of use

91% of Luxsonic VIP testers found the product easy to use, able to find the information and tools they needed without difficulty.



93% of Luxsonic VIP testers took minimal time in accomplishing a task, found image loading to be fast, and the user interface responsive.

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